Tones of Black and White to Help You, Mellow, Down Your Wardrobe this Muharram

Muharram is a month of sadness for Muslims across the world. You don’t have to belong to a certain sect to feel sorry about the biggest Muslim massacre of all time. Muslims across the world regardless of their sect respect Muharram and what better way to portray your sadness than to wear black and white clothes for Muharram. 

As much as you love mellowing it down for Muharram, being in America, it is quite hard for you to find the right outfit with a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. The problem isn’t finding black and white clothesThe problem is finding you the best blend colors, fabric, and the perfect Pakistani designs in demand. 

How can I find the best dresses for the month of Muharram in America?

Luckily, brands like SnT (which offer traditional Pakistani dresses online in the U.S) have been able to provide the people with the best black and white collection from the biggest and most famous brands of Pakistan. These dresses are available to people across the US after making a perfect stitch.

Gul Ahmed Black And White Collection 

Gul Ahmed is a textile mill from Pakistani-based Textile Company that manufactures and sells a variety of clothes through its various chains across the country and abroad. People can know them by their tagline Ideas by Gul Ahmed. 

This year they have launched their white and black dresses for Muharram. 


This is a three-piece dress with top, pants, and dupatta. Probably our first choice among the Gul Ahmed black and white collection, this dress comes in lawn fabric. The perfect fabric comprises of a shirt lining and a lawn dupatta with cambric pants. It is available in all sizes perfect for ladies of all sizes. 

You can check out this dress here:

Gul Ahmed Black And White Collection



This is another perfect addition to the collection. It is a three-piece suit with a prominent white background. You can get the shirt and dupatta on the lawn and the pants are made of cambric. The design is printed on light lawn fabric. 

You can check out the dress here:

Gul Ahmed Black and White Dress


The perfect black and white collection from Gul Ahmed with a black background are attractive and it is made with a pure lawn shirt with a white print. The dupatta is made of digital print and the fabric is light chiffon. The pants are made from cambric. The initial dress is unstitched but SnT will stitch it for you in your required size. 

Check out this dress here:

Gul Ahmed SnT Black and White Dress


LSM Black & White Collection

LSM envisions to serve their customers with high-quality and finest quality products. They aim to bring creativity and innovation with their devices. They have been in the industry since 1952 and have been able to offer their creativity and fashion statements to many people across the country. 

This year for Muharram LSM Black & White Collection has been launched to serve even the people of America. 


This is a beautiful three-piece suit that comes with a dupatta and pants. The shirt and sleeves are made of lawn and you can find a hint of digital block print in royal blue. The dupatta is dyed in the lawn with a blueprint. 

And the pants are also dyed in the lawn. The outfit is printed and it allows you to look extremely traditional. 

You can find this dress here:

LSM Black and White Outfit


It is another fancy three-piece suit that is made with soft lawn fabric. The sleeves are also made of lawn along with the shirt and you will find gold embroidery on the shirt. The pants are made of cambric. The dress is a unique piece of black and white collection by LSM by Meraki. 

You can find this dress here:

LSM Black and White Clothes


This is a three-piece suit in black and white tones with a hint of green. The fabric is made of lawn and the sleeves of the fabric are also made of lawn. The dupatta is a digital print with lawn. This is a perfect collection in your black dresses for Muharram. 

You can find this dress here:

LSM SnT Black and White Outfit

Regalia Textiles Black & White Collection

Regalia textiles are a brand that allows women who admire fashion and craft. They offer clothing, everyday essentials, and aesthetic pieces for their ladies. Their designs and fabrics are available at the most affordable rates. 

They are known to deliver unstitched fabric to their outlets across the country and even across. At SnT Regalia Textiles Black & White Collection they have launched an amazing for Muharram. 


This is a three-piece suit made from lawn fabric. The dupatta is in the printed lawn and the pants are dyed in black. You can get the dupatta in printed lawn color making it one of the best black and white outfits for Muharram.

You can find the dress here: 

Regalia Textiles Black & White Collection


Regalia Textiles have launched this piece perfectly before Muharram. It is a three-piece black suit with lawn shirt and printed dupatta with brown dye and the pants are in perfect condition. 

You can find the dress here: 

Regalia Textiles Black & White Dresses


This is a perfect combination of black and white for Muharram. The dress is made of lawn and the dupatta is printed with block prints. The dupatta is dyed with blocks and line prints. 

You can find this dress here:

Regalia Textiles Black & White Outfits


In this month of Muharram, go for hassle-free shopping and buy the best brands with the highest quality of the fabric, and suitable color combinations.