Black and White Dresses For Your Wardrobe this Muharram

Posted By: ayesha-iqbal
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Muharram is a month of sadness for Muslims across the world. You don’t have to belong to a certain sect to feel sorry about the biggest Muslim massacre of all time. Muslims across the world regardless of their sect respect Muharram and what better way to portray your sadness than to wear black and white clothes for Muharram.

As much as you love mellowing it down for Muharram, being in America, it is quite hard for you to find the right outfit with a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. The problem isn’t finding black and white clothes. The problem is finding you the best blend colors, fabric, and the perfect Pakistani designs in demand.

How can I find the best dresses for the month of Muharram in America?

Luckily, brands like String n Thread (which offer traditional Pakistani clothes online in the U.S) have been able to provide the people with the best black and white collection from the biggest and most famous brands of Pakistan. These dresses are available to people across the US after making a perfect stitch.

Dive in the Captivating Essence of Black & White

Monochromes feel like a timeless affair that embodies style and beauty, giving a timeless touch. Best sellers like Salitex and LSM personify the vision to stay close to what feels evergreen. Grab your favorite pieces before they get out of stock to make the most of your shopping spree for the sacred month, this Muharram.

Get your hands on the latest collection of Black & White clothing pieces.

LSM - LG-ZH 0083

This is a printed 3-piece dress with dyed trousers, a lawn top, and a lawn dupatta. You can modify your wardrobe with this attire, reflecting the classic hues for a modern look. Perfect for your evenings, it will make you stand out. Indulge in the affair of beauty and elegance to create a classic look.

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Salitex - BW-00029

This collection features a captivating three-piece embroidered ensemble: dyed cambric trousers, an embroidered lawn shirt, and an embroidered chiffon dupatta. Make a style statement with this minimal black-and-white dress. Achieve the monochrome mastery with white embroidery on a black background.

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Salitex - BW-00031

This attire can be a perfect addition to your wardrobe with a modern monochromatic touch. These dyed cambric trousers, embroidered lawn top, and embroidered chiffon dupatta can take your style to the next level. Adorn this beautiful ensemble with minimal earrings or studs and shine.

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In this month of Muharram, go for hassle-free shopping and buy the best brands with the highest quality of the fabric, and suitable color combinations.