12 Pakistani Frock Designs for 2024

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 Pakistani Frock Designs

The fashion world is growing by the day, and it has an impact on everyone. Fashion changes occur on a daily basis. Every woman wants to achieve the latest fashion trends and flatter it. We enjoy having new outfits and styles in our closet. Frocks are one the popular outfits in South Asian culture which represents modesty and class. But they are evolving like every other fashion trend. Let’s explore some of the latest and classic frock designs of 2024. 

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Stylish Pakistani Frock Design

Here are the top 12 designs of frock:

Anarkali Pakistani Style Frocks

Anarkalis are timeless and ageless pieces of apparel. Therefore, you'll never be out of style wearing one. Changing styles and periods have given rise to new ideas for the simple Anarkali dress design. Pioneers such as the Anarkali Dress have evolved into a variety of styles today. Plain, layered, floor-length, and asymmetrical – the options are unlimited. 

Strings & Threads displays the numerous sorts of Anarkali dress patterns in their various collections, where you can see the Anarkali design not only in ethnic wear but also in modern outfits.

Peplum Pakistani Frock Dress

Peplum frocks, as simple as they are, never fail to inspire. These are combined with stunning styles and designs. This is a modern take on the traditional frock, featuring a fitted waist and a flared skirt. Furthermore, the great artwork creates a blazingly unique appearance. 

Peplum frocks often have a short length and are made with structured fabrics. Here are several Pakistani peplum-style dresses for all the girls out there looking for an elegant outfit. 

Pakistani Jhabla Frock Style

The Jhabla Frock Style is a traditional dress worn by young girls and toddlers in South Asian countries, primarily India and Pakistan. It includes a top called the "jhabla," which is a loose-fitting, sleeveless garment similar to a short tunic. It is often made of light cotton or silk. It is intended to be comfortable for teenagers and toddlers. 

The frock is a skirt-like garment typically fashioned from the same fabric as the jhabla. It is attached to the bottom of it and falls below the ankles, which results in a layered appearance. Depending on the occasion, the frock can be plain or embellished with embroidery.

Pakistani Frock Design Long Tail 

The Tail Frock is a traditional outfit incorporating ethnic aesthetics and modern designs. It consists of a long, flowing dress with a fitted bodice that spreads into a flared skirt. The distinctive feature is the "tail," which is a long, trailing extension of fabric at the back of the skirt. It adds beauty and grace to the look. 

The Tail Frock's design can vary greatly with diverse decorations, embroidery, and designs that reflect cultural diversity. It is frequently worn on important occasions such as weddings, formal meetings, and cultural events. Its complex pattern and flowing style make it a popular choice for women seeking a traditional yet fashionable dress.

Kurti Style Pakistani Frock

Most Pakistani women prefer to wear a Salwar Kameez or Salwar with Kurtis. As a result, this has influenced Indian women as well. As a result, the majority of women in India and Pakistan now choose a plain Kurti Salwar combo over anything else. It is suitable for practically every woman. The neck design for kurti does not vary significantly with body shape. Strings and Threads offer the best kurti style frocks in casual or part wear.

Shaded Silk Pakistani Frocks

These clothes often have a gradient or shaded thing, with the color transitioning subtly from one hue to another. This shading impact is executed using a whole lot of procedures, together with tie-dye, ombre dyeing, and virtual printing. 

The silk fabric lends beauty and sophistication to the garment, making it a popular choice for formal activities such as weddings, engagements, and celebrations. The shading effect may be changed to the wearer's tastes, with lots of shades and combinations available. 

Umbrella Style Pakistani Frock Designs

The umbrella-kind frock is a get-dressed with an extensive round skirt that gives the advent of an open umbrella. This fashion is typically applied in bridal gowns and formal apparel as it produces a dramatic silhouette. The bodice of the robe commonly comes with a sweetheart or boat neckline. 

The skirt is generally built of a mild material, such as silk or chiffon, and is often embellished with lace, beads, or embroidery. The umbrella-fashion gown is a popular choice for bridesmaids and flower ladies because it flatters one-of-a-kind frame shapes and can be tailored to certain fabrics and hues.

Angrakha Pakistani Frock Dress

Angrakha is a conventional get dress from the Indian subcontinent. It's a tunic or top with a unique crossover design on the front, much like how a gown is tied. Typically, the left half of the garment is wrapped around the right side and secured with cloth strings or beautiful tassels. 

This sample gives a lovable asymmetrical neckline and lends an air of class to the outfit. Angrakha robes can range in period, with a few being quick and others achieving the ankles. They are usually composed of soft fabrics like cotton, and they may be generally adorned with complex embroidery, reflect work, or other conventional elements.

Printed Pakistani Frock Design Simple

Printed frock designs combine traditional and contemporary features, generally with colorful prints, complicated patterns, and rich color combinations. These frocks can come in a variety of styles, from floor-length with elaborate flower motifs to knee-length frocks with geometric patterns. Cotton, silk, chiffon, and lawn are popular printed fabrics for these designs. 

The prints are commonly inspired by traditional motifs such as paisley flower patterns. These printed dresses are adaptable and can be accessorized for a variety of occasions, including casual gatherings and formal events. They are worn with the same or contrasting trousers or leggings, enhancing their versatility and appeal.

Pakistani Frock Design Long Maxi

A maxi-fashion frock is a floor-length clothing with an airy, flowing layout. It's a flexible, undying piece that can be dressed up or down for any event. The design can range substantially from simple and informal to complicated and formal. Empire or herbal waistlines, geared-up bodices, and skirts ranging from instantly becoming to voluminous and flared are all not unusual elements. 

The neckline may variety from strapless to halter to V-neck, and it is able to be embellished with lace, sequins, or embroidery. Maxi-fashion frocks are typically constructed of lightweight and breathable fabrics consisting of chiffon, silk, or cotton, making them best for hotter climates.

Gown Style Pakistani Frock

Gown-fashion frocks mix the beauty of a conventional robe with complicated designs and cultural factors precise to Pakistani style. These gowns frequently have an outfitted bodice that expands out right into a voluminous skirt, resulting in a dramatic, flattering, and fashionable silhouette. 

Traditional elements, along with sensitive embroidery, difficult beadwork, and comfort fabric like silk and chiffon, are usually used inside the designs. The neckline can range, with a few designs having a high neckline and others going for a more modern-day off-the-shoulder fashion. Gown-style Pakistani frocks are a famous choice for weddings, formal events, and special events.

Crochet Pakistani Frock Design Simple

These frocks typically have elaborate crochet work. It is often handcrafted, adding a touch of artistry and quality to the piece. The frocks can range in length, as well as in style, from fitting to flowy. The crochet work is typically centered around the neckline, sleeves, and hemline. Which results in elaborate patterns and delicate textures. 

The color pallet for these frocks varies, ranging from colorful to pastel, with classic Pakistani tints like maroon, navy blue, and emerald green being popular choices. Women like this simple design for casual and office wear.


We have discussed every type of stylish pakistani frock design. These frocks are famous because of their versatility and comfort. You can choose and create a perfect look according to events and occasions. From Anarkali to crochet, this blog has listed down all of the latest yet classic frock designs in 2024.