Men Waistcoat - MWC-1029 - String & Thread

Men Waistcoat - MWC-1029

Regular price $59.95 Sale price $47.96 Save $11.99

Dress Type: Waist Coat

Fit: Regular Fit

Fabric: Raw Silk

Design: Embroidered

Collection: Stitched

Status: Stitched - Ready to Wear

Brand: S&T Men

* String & Thread retails all Original brands products and all dresses / tops are stitched as shown in picture

** String & Thread does not sell any unstitched item(s)

*** Any Unstitched collection item(s) are premiumly stitched by String & Thread; and have extra fabric inside to alter the item(s) one size up or down. 

**** Colors may be slightly different of the actual product

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