18 Best Different Types of Heels for Different Occasion

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Different Types of Heels

Are you tired of wearing the same old heels for every occasion? Do you want to spice up your shoe collection with different styles to match outfits and events? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 18 best types of heels for various occasions to help you step up your shoe game.

Every woman's closet must have heels, but not all heels are made equal. Every style of heel has a distinct function and looks good with different ensembles and events. Whether you're attending a formal event, going on a date, or just want to add a little extra flair to your everyday look, you need different heel styles.

Choosing the right shoes for women online can improve your overall look and confidence. From classic stilettos to trendy block heels, there is a heel style for every taste and preference. So, if you want to bring up your outfit and stand out from the crowd, check out our list of the 18 best types of heels for different occasions.

1. Block Heels

Block heels, also known as chunky heels, boast a thick, rectangular layout, imparting fantastic balance and support. Versatile for casual or formal wear, they frivolously distribute weight, making sure comfort for prolonged periods. With their undying enchantment, the heel of shoe is a suitable option for fashion-ahead individuals seeking each fashion and practicality.

block heels

2. Cuban Heels

Cuban heels, shorter than block heels, beautify boots for a traditional but modern look. They seamlessly balance comfort and class and are best for numerous events. Their iconic style provides flair to any outfit, making Cuban heels a favorable choice for folks who value both the beauty and luxury of their footwear.

Cuban Heels

3. Cone Heels

Cone heels are the type of heels that provide a completely unique gesture, tapering to a sensitive point from a broader base. Combining beauty with balance, they provide a unique search for fashion fanatics. Ideal for those looking to make fashionable visibility, cone heels blend fashion and luxury, adding a touch of class to any dress.

cone heels

4. Flared Heels

Flared heels are one of the heel shapes reminiscent of the Seventies style. They feature a tapered top and wider backside for an antique-inspired look. Perfect for including a hint of nostalgia in your outfit, they offer both style and comfort. With their stylish enchantment, flared heels are a must-have for those seeking the good vibes of their footwear collection.

flared heels

5. Decorative Heels

Make a bold statement with decorative heels decorated with whimsical designs like flowers, animals, or complicated patterns. These captivating heels are sure to show heads and upload character to any ensemble. Perfect for people who like to express their individuality through fashion, ornamental heels provide a playful but fashionable sense of your appearance.

Decorative Heels

6. Spool Heels

Inspired by antique French fashion, spool heels feature an extensive top, thin middle, and curved bottom, combining balance with style. Offering a contemporary but undying appearance appropriate for various events, they add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Spool heels are the ideal preference for those seeking beauty with a hint of nostalgia in their footwear.

spool heels

7. Stiletto Heels

The iconic and stylish heel shapes like stiletto heels boast a tall, narrow silhouette that elongates the legs and exudes sophistication. They give a little glitz to any ensemble, making them ideal for formal events and evenings out. With their aesthetic appeal, stiletto heels symbolize refined femininity and impeccable style.

Stiletto Heels

8. Platform Heels

Platform heels combine top with stability, featuring an extended sole on the front and back of the shoe. These fashionable heels provide consolation and style, making them best for live shows, fairs, and ordinary wear. They effortlessly raise your appearance while supplying the guidance you need to strut with self-assurance.

Platform Heels

9. Wedge Heels

Offering both height and luxury, wedge heels have a continuous, wedge-shaped sole that supports extremely well. They are versatile and stylish for casual events and outdoor activities. With their design and chic appeal, wedge heels are vital for fashion enthusiasts and individuals seeking comfort without compromising style.

Wedge Heels

10. Kitten Heels

With a modest top of 1.5" to 2", kitten heels provide a subtle look without sacrificing comfort. Perfect for paintings or sunlight hours events, they are perfect for those new to sporting heels or in search of a greater understated look. Kitten heels are a type of heels that combine style and luxury, making them a flexible choice for any occasion.

kitten heels

11. Low Heels

Slightly taller than kitten heels, low heels are between 2" and 3", supplying a balanced mixture of height and comfort. Suitable for various activities, they offer a fashionable yet sensible option for those searching for a modest look. With their flexible appeal, low heels are a style statement for everyday elegance and comfort.

low heels

12. Pumps Heels

Classic and versatile pumps or Khussa are a low-cut, slip-on design suitable for various activities. These heels offer timeless elegance and sophistication, whether at work or at night. With their sleek appeal, pumps supplement any outfit, making them a must for beauty and fashion enthusiasts. Formal and evening pump heels elevate your look to red-carpet-worthy status, ensuring you make a memorable entrance at any event.

pump heels

13. Mid Heels

Ideal for workplace wear and semi-formal occasions, mid heels range from 3" to 4" in peak, imparting a chic and stylish look. Comfortable and sufficient for extended put-on, they balance style and functionality perfectly. Mid heels are a preference because of its timeless charm and ability to elevate every outfit.

mid heels

14. High Heels

High heel types, ranging from 4" to 8" in peak, are ideal for formal events and special activities. While they offer a dramatic boost in height, it is important to practice wearing them for brief periods to ensure comfort. With their plain charm, high heels exude self-assurance and beauty, making a bold, fashionable appearance anywhere you go.

High Heels

15. Metallic Heels

Steel heels glam up any ensemble and are ideal for summertime celebrations. You can look fashionable and celebratory by wearing them with a cocktail dress. With their shimmering and desirable appeal, steel heels make an ambitious style statement, ensuring you stand out from the gang at any party.

Metallic Heels

16. Ultrahigh Heels

For those seeking maximum high heel types, ultrahigh heels jump at 8" or higher. Paired with a platform toe for added assistance, these heels are exceptionally reserved for shorter wear durations. With their daring design, ultrahigh heels command attention and exude glamour, elevating any ensemble to new heights of style and elegance.

Ultrahigh Heels

17. Heeled Sandals

Ideal for hot-weather activities, heeled sandals offer both style and comfort. Whether attending a wedding or a casual gathering, these sandals add a hint of beauty to any wear. With their elegant design and breathable style, heeled sandals keep you looking stylish while staying cushy all day.

Heeled Sandals

18. Bombe Heels

Bombe heels make a bold statement with their rounded, dome-shaped design, adding a touch of architectural flair to any outfit. These heels exude confidence and style, whether adorned with intricate details or crafted from polished metal. Perfect for those seeking to elevate their look with a daring and distinctive touch, bombe heels are a standout choice for stylish individuals.

Bombe Heels

Type of Heel of Shoe

Personality & Style

Suitable Occasions

Block Heels

Practical, classic, and versatile

Work, casual outings, formal events

Cuban Heels

Timeless, sophisticated, and stylish

Office, dinners, social gatherings

Cone Heels

Trendy, fashion-forward, and daring

Parties, nights out, fashion events

Flared Heels

Retro, vintage-inspired, and playful

Casual outings, themed parties, events

Decorative Heels

Bold, expressive, and attention-grabbing

Special occasions, parties, fashion events

Spool Heels

Chic, elegant, and refined

Weddings, formal dinners, upscale events

Stiletto Heels

Glamorous, elegant, and confident

Formal events, evenings out, red carpet events

Platform Heels

Retro, edgy, and comfortable

Concerts, festivals, everyday wear

Wedge Heels

Casual, laid-back, and practical

Daytime outings, picnics, outdoor events

Kitten Heels

Subtle, feminine, and understated

Work, daytime events, casual outings

Low Heels

Stylish, comfortable, and practical

Work, shopping, daytime events

Mid Heels

Sophisticated, polished, and professional

Office, meetings, semi-formal events

High Heels

Elegant, glamorous, and dramatic

Formal events, parties, special occasions

Ultrahigh Heels

Bold, daring, and attention-grabbing

Fashion shows, photo shoots, costume events


Classic, timeless, and versatile

Office, dinners, formal events

Formal & Evening Heels

Luxurious, elegant, and refined

Weddings, galas, black-tie events

Metallic Heels

Festive, glamorous, and eye-catching

Holiday parties, celebrations, evening events

Heeled Sandals

Effortless, chic, and summery

Weddings, beach parties, outdoor gatherings


With different heel styles to select from, there may be a super pair for every occasion and fashion desire. Whether you decide on the traditional beauty of stiletto heels, the appeal of platform heels, or the comfort of wedge heels, exploring the numerous worlds of heels will surely bring up your footwear collection.

Each heel form offers a unique mixture of favor and capability, from block heels for informal outings to stiletto heels for formal events. By experimenting with exclusive heel kinds, you can beautify your normal look. 

So, don't be scared to try something different and move outside of your comfort zone the next time you go shoe shopping. If you choose the right heels, you can conquer the world one stylish step at a time.