What Shoes to Wear with a Kurta Pajama

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 shoes to wear with kurta pajama

Choosing suitable footwear to go with a kurta-pajama combo is an integral part of creating a well-coordinated and elegant look. Kurta pajamas are a popular choice for a variety of occasions, like mens wedding guest outfit, including cultural celebrations and festive gatherings, due to their classic and versatile design. To improve your entire appearance, choose shoes that complement the aesthetics of the outfit. 

Whether you want a classic and refined style or something more contemporary and informal, your footwear choice can make a big difference. In this fashion guide, we'll look at eight types of shoes that go well with kurta pajamas, providing tips to help you create a fashion-forward statement while still celebrating the cultural depth of this traditional apparel.

How to Identify a Footwear for Kurta Pajama?

Picking the proper shoes to compliment your kurta pajama requires thoughtful consideration of a variety of elements in order to obtain a well-coordinated and elegant appearance. Here are some ideas to help you determine the most appropriate footwear:


Consider the nature of the occasion. Traditional Indian footwear, such as mojaris or juttis, might be an ideal choice for formal parties, whereas loafers or sandals may be more appropriate for casual gatherings.

Color Coordination

Make sure your shoes match the color palette of your kurta pajamas. You can choose between matching and contrasting colors based on your personal style and the overall effect you wish to achieve.

Style of Kurta Pajama

Your Kurta’s shape and pattern can impact what to wear under kurta pajama. Traditional and richly embroidered clothes may look great with classic mojaris, whereas simpler, contemporary styles may look well with modern loafers or formal shoes.


Think of the time of wear and the shoe's comfort level. Because occasions wearing kurta pajamas frequently require mingling or extended periods of standing, it is critical to select stylish and comfortable shoes.

Weather Conditions

Consider the weather conditions. For outdoor events or during warmer seasons, breathable and open-toe choices like sandals or traditional chappals may be ideal.


Feel free to experiment with diverse styles. Trying on different shoes for kurta pajama attire will help you find the perfect match that complements your overall style and meets the specific needs of the occasion.

Personal Style

Establish your own stylistic choices. Whether you like a more conventional or contemporary style, several shoe alternatives are available to suit your fashion preferences.

By considering these elements, you may safely select the appropriate shoes to go with your kurta pajama, resulting in a well-rounded and beautiful combo.

8 Types of Shoes to Wear With Kurta Pajama

When it comes to pairing shoes with a kurta, there are several types of footwear that can complement the traditional Indian outfit. Here are some popular choices:

Mojaris or Juttis

These are traditional footwear that adds to the cultural and ethnic attractiveness of a kurta pajama set. These exquisitely designed shoes are handcrafted with attention to detail and usually feature stitching, decorations, and vibrant colors. 

Mojaris typically have pointed toes, whereas juttis have more rounder forms. Both varieties add a sense of history and refinement to the entire look of Pakistani men's kurta shalwar, making them ideal for special occasions like weddings and cultural celebrations. 

The range of styles allows people to select mojaris or juttis that complement the color and pattern of their kurta, resulting in a harmonious and well-coordinated appearance. A kurta pajama with mojaris or juttis is a classic and timeless appearance that embodies the richness of Indo-Pak culture with each step.

Kolhapuri Chappals

These chappals are made of leather and have superb craftsmanship, as well as distinctive toe and ankle strap designs. Kolhapuri chappals not only add ethnic appeal to an ensemble, but they are also comfy and breathable, making them suitable for a number of situations.

Their authenticity originates from their extensive heritage and cultural significance. Whether you're attending a celebratory celebration, cultural event, or a casual gathering, wearing Kolhapuri chappals with your kurta pajama adds a rustic and traditional touch to your overall look. 


This is a stylish and modern footwear for kurta pajama. Loafers, noted for their versatility and comfort, offer a modern twist to a traditional style. The lack of laces and slip-on construction ensure comfort while maintaining a classy appearance. 

Loafers come in a variety of shapes and colors, allowing customers to choose alternatives that complement the color and pattern of their kurta. This combination of classic attire and more contemporary footwear creates a well-balanced and fashion-forward look, ideal for those who want a mix of refinement and current flair. 

Oxfords or Derby Shoes

Opting for Oxford or Derby shoes with a kurta pajama set adds refinement and elegance to the traditional look. These shoes' exquisite design, closed lacing system, and high-quality leather construction elevate the polished appearance of a well-tailored kurta. Oxfords and Derbies are adaptable enough to transition smoothly, especially by rooting for a mens shalwar kameez in USA, from cultural gatherings to more formal meetings all over the globe. 


Wearing moccasins with a kurta-pajama combination adds a comfortable and laid-back feel to traditional attire. Moccasins are distinguished by their slip-on style and soft, flexible structure, making them a comfortable and fashionable choice. Moccasins are an excellent choice for shoes to wear with kurta pajamas set in events that require both comfort and style because they are easy to slip on and off and have a pleasant fit. 

The variety of styles and color palette allows for personalization, allowing customers to choose moccasins that complement their kurta pajama's color palette and style, resulting in a harmonious and effortlessly chic appearance.


Sandals are comfortable and breezy footwear to resolve your confusion about what to wear under kurta, particularly in warm weather or casual settings. Open-toe sandals, whether traditional chappals or contemporary versions radiate a peaceful and relaxed vibe while being culturally authentic. Sandals are ideal for daytime gatherings, outdoor parties, and casual cultural festivals because of their breathability and ease of use.

Traditional sandals typically have superb craftsmanship, which adds to the ethnic attractiveness of the outfit. Furthermore, new designs in neutral tones can easily combine comfort and style. 


Pairing espadrilles with a kurta pajama pair gives a sense of casual elegance and a summery mood to traditional attire. Espadrilles are defined by their canvas or fabric uppers and distinctive rope soles, making them a comfortable and beautiful choice. These shoes for kurta are great for daytime events, outdoor gatherings, and other occasions that require a casual style. 

Espadrilles come in a range of colors and designs, allowing you to match the style and colors of your kurta. The light design makes them great for warm weather, ensuring comfort while adding a fashionable touch to any ensemble. 

Flip Flops 

Clean and well-maintained flip-flops are appropriate for really casual events or when comfort is a top priority. However, ensuring that they are appropriate for the context and occasion is critical.

Wrap Up!

Finally, choosing what shoes to wear with kurta can worthfully improve the overall appearance of your kurta-pajama combo. You may easily improve your fashion game by considering the occasion, color palette, and style preferences. There is a wide range of options to suit every taste, from traditional mojaris or juttis that add a touch of ethnicity to more modern options like loafers or formal shoes. 

Remember to create a balance between comfort and sophistication so that your footwear compliments the elegance of your kurta pajama. With these fashion guidelines in mind, you'll be able to confidently stroll out in a well-coordinated and culturally inspired attire that combines tradition and trend. So, put your best foot forward and make a lasting impression.