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Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry

ANAYA by Kiran Chaudhry was established in Lahore in 2016 as a collaborative venture between popular Artist and Entrepreneur Kiran Chaudhry and Resham Textile Industries Limited, an established Textile business in Pakistan.
The brand was set up to fill a perceived gap in the market for high quality fashion at affordable prices. The idea was to provide an aesthetically advanced yet highly accessible offering in the women’s ethnic-wear segment, essentially providing designer aesthetics at high street prices.
In a very short span of four years the brand has quickly become one of the top go-to brands in the country with a loyal following in Pakistan and abroad. Providing unmatched customer service, a no-fuss returns and exchange policy, the online store has grown from strength to strength.

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Top-Notch Fashion With Anaya Clothing!

Indulging in high-quality fashion without paying excessively has been a dream for many, and Kiran Chaudhry saw the gap in the market to allow a brand-new venture targeted at all people dedicated to fashion! Anaya Clothing happened into the industry with one ambition: to cut down the market gap and produce top-notch styles ready for the consumer to wear immediately. With a wide variety of Pakistani dresses online, Anaya by Kiran is all about making your experience luxurious. 

A Luxurious Experience, Redefined!

Anaya's Online Store has gained massive popularity, making it one of Pakistan's most desirable clothing brands. From the availability of high-end Pakistani Dupatta Online to the top-notch Anaya Collection, the brand has revamped itself in the fashion market. With all the excellence and innovation, the brand is about making you feel good in your attire while standing out through excellence and a creative sense of fashion. From all the top-notch designs in the couture and luxury line, the idea behind Anaya Clothing Pakistan is to stand out in the market through exquisite designs and high-end fabric that is intricately detailed. You can understand entirely emphasis and elevate your luxury brand wear experience to indulge in conventionally crafted designs that are best suited for your modern-day outfits.

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry PK has all the designs to fulfill your need regarding your formal needs. The brand was founded in Lahore, Pakistan, in 2016 as a joint project between well-known artist and entrepreneur Kiran Chaudhry and Resham Textile Industries Limited, a reputable textile company.

The company was founded to meet a perceived need for high-end clothing that was also reasonably priced. The concept was to offer women's ethnic apparel that was artistically sophisticated and highly affordable. The company has quickly established itself as one of the top go-to brands in the nation in just four short years, garnering a devoted following both in Pakistan and overseas. High street costs with designer appeal. The idea behind the brand is to offer luxury without cutting the bank to a considerable margin. Over the age of four years only, the brand has managed a top-notch reputation, and with the constantly changing trends and fashion labels, they stand out with their artwork! 

Easy Delivery In The States!

The brand's goal is to allow the consumer to feel welcomed and have a full hand on the choices without paying a hefty amount for embroidered or luxury clothes. You don't have to break the bank or go through the entire market to find that perfect dress; you have to find a piece that suits you and your event best and place your order accordingly. We are the one individual US-based marketplace that supports Pakistani fashion brands, such as Anaya, to allow our customers to have a collective experience. We are all about enhancing your experience, so get your hands on your favorite outfits with us and elevate your online retail and shopping experience.