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Cross Stitch is one of the finest retail brands in the country specialising in fabrics and prêt. The brand spun its identity from the classic cross stitch technique and evolved it to create limitless, beautiful designs rooted in the ancient art form. The label merges traditional thread work with contemporary trends, colours and cuts to offer ready-to- wear and embroidered occasion wear.

Cross Stitch has expanded its creative realm to include modern digital silk prints as well as digitally printed lawn collection. The designs and colour palette are created according to each season’s en vogue themes so that our customers are trendsetters, not followers. Every year the lawn collection offers an extravaganza for the woman of today to wear and enjoy.

We offer our customers new designs in embroidered chiffon, lawn, Swiss voile, karandi and cotton satin every season. Our digital print seasonal collections are also available in the same range of fabrics. Beyond fabrics is the prêt range: printed crepe, embroidered premium collection and embroidered seasonal collection. At Cross Stitch, we are constantly evolving in an effort to keep our customer well-heeled.

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Cross Stitch Pakistan is a rising brand offering luxury fashion without breaking the bank! With all the right aesthetics to create customized designs, we believe in elevating your retail experience with affordability and ease. Cross Stitch clothing has broadened the scope of its creative output to include contemporary digital silk prints and a lawn collection. For our customers to make trends rather than follow them, the patterns and color schemes are designed following each season's prominent themes. The lawn collection presents an extravaganza for modern women to wear and enjoy annually.

Cross-stitch dresses are known for their collective beauty and innovation. There are a lot of different colors and designs. Prices for the collection are modest. The brand has been exceptionally well across time because it appeals to women with a sophisticated fashion sense. As a result, the brand works tirelessly to provide the best selections. Cross Stitch Pakistani Brand is known for its excellence in product quality and for keeping up with the fast fashion trends of the country.

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The company offers unique motifs in embroidered chiffon, lawn, Swiss voile, karandi, and cotton satin every season. The same materials are also available in our digital design seasonal collections. The prêt range, which includes printed crepe, an embroidered premium collection, and an embroidered seasonal collection, extends beyond materials. At Cross Stitch, the brand is continuously changing to represent our affluent clientele best. We want the Cross Stitch consumer to stick with the brand and not look elsewhere for total wardrobe solutions. The designs are available in a variety of and are thoughtfully constructed. The artwork is skillfully made with excellent quality. The brand offers a wide range of various fabric types. It consists of viscose net, chiffon, cotton, lawn, and poly organza.

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Cross Stitch dresses USA is one clothing retailer demonstrating a high level of aesthetic sophistication, which sets Cross Stitch apart and in line with high-end designer clothing while providing greater value. This company's unique embroidery, which features exquisite artistry and skillful design creation, is its distinguishing feature. Motifs are added to the piece to increase the aesthetic appeal. You have access to the whole color palette so that you may pick your favorites. The pieces come in both vivid and pastel colors! The designs come in a wide range and are thoughtfully constructed. The artwork is meticulously made with excellent quality. From deciding on a color theme to finding what fits you best, we are all about giving you a retail experience like never before. String and Thread is the ultimate solution to ship your favorite article to USA Pakistani clothes, where you can shop from your favorite brands, all under one umbrella!