Wedding Guide 2.0: Can You Wear Red to a Wedding

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Can You Wear Red to a Wedding

Wedding guest dress codes are not always easy to decipher. Regardless of the event's formality, guests must adhere to one golden rule: their clothes should never overshadow the couple. Proper wedding guest etiquette has traditionally been to avoid overshadowing or disrespecting the newlyweds on their special day. 

For a long time, this put certain colors at the top of the "do not wear" list, with red being a color that many wedding guests were urged to avoid at most events. However, as dress rules evolve, the concept of red as a taboo color has shifted, prompting many to ask: Can you wear red to a wedding?

Continue reading to learn whether the color red is appropriate for wedding guest dress and, more significantly, when it should be avoided.

What Does a Red Wedding Dress Mean?

Color is considered significant in Asian culture and has a meaningful symbol. More precisely, blue, white, orange, and green all have powerful meanings associated with them.  Red is the most prominent. It is a traditionally fortunate color that was initially worn by Indian monks and hermits in the third millennium B.C. But brides started to wear it when the Mughal Era in the early 16th century was at its peak.

Every woman has a unique perspective on why red is important to them because it is such a rich and deep symbol. In South Asian culture, it symbolizes a fresh start, passion, and achievement. Red also represents Durga, the Hindu goddess of new beginnings and feminine strength. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, it is popular as good luck and fortune for new brides. Explore some exceptional Pakistani engagement dresses on our website. 

The actual meaning of wearing the red dress is the lady is the one who leaves her home to join the man's family. It is a considerably greater transformation for the lady than for the male. Therefore, she should be the one drawing the most attention and wearing a bright color like red, which represents fresh life.

Is It OK to Wear Red to a Wedding as a Guest?

If the wedding or the couple is less typical, or if the dress code is a little more creative, wearing red as a wedding guest is perfectly acceptable. However, in other cultures, particularly those of South and East Asia, the color red is considered lucky and auspicious. Hence has traditionally been incorporated into wedding day apparel in the same manner that white dominates bridalwear in Western countries. 

This implies that if you're attending an Indian, or Muslim wedding, or any other wedding where the color has cultural significance. Avoid wearing red because it could be part of the couple's attire. At the same time, you avoid hues of white because certain non-Western cultures link the color with sadness. 

Tradition demands that guests avoid wearing red for fear of drawing attention away from the happy couple. Visually, it's extremely bold in a wedding shoot. Your eye is quickly pulled to the color, especially when it is compared to neutrals such as white, black, gray, or beige. 

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What are the Alternative Colors to Avoid Red at a Wedding?

When attending a South Asian wedding as a guest, it's important to be mindful of cultural traditions and avoid wearing colors that may be associated with the bride's attire or hold cultural significance. Red, for instance, is often associated with the bride's dress in many South Asian cultures, so it's best to avoid this color to prevent any potential confusion or offense. Here are some alternative colors that would be more suitable to wear:

You Can Opt for Modern Pastels

The overall look of wedding guest dresses in pastel colors, such as light pink, powder blue, or pale yellow, is elegant, feminine, and sophisticated. Pastel colors are lighter-tinted. So, you need to know what to wear under linen dress of this color. It is advisable to wear the same color undergarments to look modest. 

A pastel dress or suit can be matched with delicate, simple jewelry that enhances rather than overpowers the look. Choose beautiful gold or silver jewelry with subtle accents. It includes small stud earrings, delicate pendant necklaces, or thin bracelets. Avoid bulky or bold pieces, which may overpower the smoothness of the pastel colors. 

A natural, dewy look is ideal for makeup, with soft, neutral tones for the eyes and a dab of pink or peach blush to complement the gentleness of the pastel color palette. Soft, glossy lips can enhance the overall look, and a slight highlighter can add shine. Remember, the idea is to bring out your natural beauty while allowing the pastel colors to show.

Trendy Jewel Tones Never Goes Wrong

When you choose jewel tones for wedding guest apparel, such as emerald green, sapphire blue, or amethyst purple, you are making a statement with rich, brilliant colors. These colors radiate elegance and sophistication, and they look great when paired with the appropriate jewelry. 

Consider accessorizing with gold or silver jewelry featuring gemstones that match or enhance the jewel tone, such as emerald or sapphire. Bold statement pieces can look great with jewel tones, but make sure they don't overpower the outfit. For makeup, you might experiment with complementary colors. 

For example, emerald green clothing might look good with a faint green eyeshadow, whilst deep sapphire blue might be accentuated with a touch of navy eyeliner or dazzling blue eyeshadow. To finish the look, use a dramatic lip color, such as a rich red or berry tint. 

The idea is to establish a balance between your outfit, jewelry, and makeup. Create a unified and gorgeous appearance as a guest without wearing red to a wedding.

You Can Stick With Traditional Gold or Silver

Choosing gold or silver as a wedding guest dress is a classic and attractive option. These metallic tones flow refinement and can be combined with similar jewelry and makeup to create a professional look. Choose jewelry that matches the metal in your attire, such as gold earrings and a necklace if you're wearing a gold dress or silver accessories if you're wearing silver. 

Delicate, complex motifs look great with metallic tones, adding a glimpse of glamour without overpowering the outfit. In terms of makeup, a neutral palette with sparkly eyeshadow in a similar metallic tint will look great with your outfit. 

A nude or pink lipstick and a slight blush will finish the look, highlighting your inherent beauty while allowing the metallic tones to shine. That is how you will create an attractive look and avoid red at a wedding.

Explore Trendy Neutral Tones

Neutral colors, such as ivory, beige, or taupe, for wedding guest dresses create a stylish and classic style that allows for a wide range of accessory and cosmetics options. When wearing neutrals, you can choose gold, silver, or rose gold jewelry based on your outfit's undertones. 

Delicate jewelry, such as dainty chains, small hoop earrings, or simple bracelets, will enhance the modest beauty of neutral tones without overpowering the appearance. A fresh, dewy look with neutral eyeshadows, a delicate blush, and nude or light pink lipstick can highlight your body features and give you a polished look. Consider using a mild highlighter to achieve a radiant look. 

Cute Coral or Peach Shades

These tones for wedding guest apparel add a bright and fresh touch to your look. Especially for teenagers who don’t prefer wearing red to a wedding. Coral and peach are ideal for a cheerful and romantic wedding atmosphere. These warm hues compliment a wide range of complexion tones and can be paired with complementary jewelry and makeup. 

Choose gold or rose gold jewelry that complements coral or peach's warm undertones. 

Decent necklaces, little drop earrings, or bangles made of these metals can give an elegant touch to your clothing without overpowering the brilliant hue. To warm up coral or peach tones, use a soft, bronzy eyeshadow and a peachy blush. A nude or peachy lipstick will finish the look, ensuring that it complements the warmth of your outfit.

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Wrap Up! 

Your choices can never be bound with anything. It is up to you what you want to wear. But there are certain colors which should be left only for brides, like red. We have discussed the history and meaning of a red wedding dress. Through this, you can simplify the confusion of can I wear red to a wedding as a guest. Wedding events are essential days for the couple, especially brides. 

As a guest we should let them get all the attention. There are some other colors and tones that will elevate your look as a guest, like coral and pastels. They are trendy in the market and still go well with all wedding looks without overpowering the main couple. 

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