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Young Pakistani women prefer to wear dresses that are both comfy and stylish. Fortunately, maxi dresses are becoming increasingly trendy and popular in Pakistani wedding dresses. These gowns are also referred to as long dresses. Women prefer to wear them at nighttime occasions such as Walima, dholki, qawali nights, and engagement ceremonies or in summer events.

Some people wear ready-made maxi dresses, while others have them tailored. The best part is that it looks fantastic on all body types and sizes. They also keep you looking stylish and beautiful.

The Pakistani fashion industry has introduced maxi dresses. Celebs also wear these outfits since they give them a luxurious sense. With the rising demand for these garments, many online platforms have a variety of maxis available to suit every taste and mood.

Looking to make a style statement? We will make you understand what is a maxi and how long it should be for your upcoming celebrations. This blog will undoubtedly assist you in choosing the best one.

Maxi Dress Meaning and History

Maxi Dress was inspired by Native Americans' patio or squaw dresses. Though patio dresses quickly lost their appeal, the ankle-grazing dress style was reintroduced in the 1960s and has never gone out of style! So, what started off as eccentric socialite attire is now a must-have for every stylish woman's wardrobe. 

A maxi dress is an ankle or floor-length informal dress with a fitting top, a loose-flowing bottom, and a cut that flows over the body. It is often constructed of cotton or polyester and comes in a variety of necklines, patterns, and colors. You may wear them with flip-flops for a wacky beachy style or dress them up with chunky jewelry and breezy wedges. 

How Long Should a Maxi Dress Be?

Maxi attire has a full-period skirt that generally reaches the ankles or even the floor. They vary from midi and mini clothes in that they cover greater of the body, along with the waist and calves, even as yet permitting you to reveal your curves. This makes them perfect for important activities, including weddings or formal parties where you want to leave a lasting impact.

The fashion and materials decide whether they are informal or fancy. They often are available in mild and airy fabrics consisting of chiffon, cotton blends, and linen for an informal yet fashionable style. For more formal gatherings, pick out thicker materials like silk or velvet.

Types of Maxi Lengths

Floor Length Maxi Dress

Floor-length Maxi Dresses are a timeless cloth in a wardrobe that exudes allure and beauty. These dresses touch the floor but do not sweep at the floor. They are round 60-sixty, two inches (152-157 cm) long. Long, flowy clothes are available in a whole lot of designs, consisting of strapless and halter necklines, as well as various prints and hues. 

Floor-length maxi can be dressed up or down for any event, making them a completely flexible and stylish piece of apparel. When paired with the proper add-ons and footwear, they will in reality flip heads.

Ankle Length Maxi Dress

Tea-length maxi dresses are an excellent compromise between a full-length dress and an ankle-length dress. These clothes normally fall simply above the ankle bone, which is set at 58-60 inches or 147-152 cm in duration. This length is versatile and suits most body types, like tunics

Ankle-length maxi creates a somewhat more relaxed yet sophisticated style. Mid-calf length maxi dresses are ideal for both day and nighttime events, delivering an effortless and beautiful style.

Knee Length Maxi Dress

This length maxi is the shortest type of maxi dress, ending just at or slightly above the knee. Knee-length commonly around 39-40 inches or 99-102 cm. These dresses are ideal for warmer weather and may be dressed up or down based on the occasion. Whether you're going to a summer cookout or an evening dinner party, knee-length maxi dresses will strike the perfect blend of style, comfort, and refinement.

Mini Maxi Dresses

Petite maxi dresses are an updated version of the traditional maxi dress. These shorter versions hit just above the knee, growing an extra relaxed and playful appearance. Mini maxi clothes can be dressed up or down, consistent with the event, making them quite adaptable cloth wardrobe options.

Ideal Maxi Dress Length According to Different Heights

Maxi dresses are a must-to-have wardrobe staple, offering both style and comfort. But what length do you need to pick out in maxi attire in case you're 5'8" or 5'10"? Knowing your personal maxi get-dress length enables you to make a certain excellent fit for your appearance.

Below are some maxi dress length recommendations for women of various heights:

  • For women who are 5'2", maxi attire must be floor length. It will provide a balanced silhouette and a snug fit.
  • Women who are 5'4" can select between maxi attire that falls slightly below the ankle and people that reach the ground.
  • Women who are 5'9" tall can wear maxi attire that falls slightly under the ankle or that reaches the floor.
  • Petite women (5'0 - 5'3) must wear maxi attire, which is only some inches above the ankles, to generate an elongating impact.
  • 5'8" women should look for maxi dresses that reach the floor but do not drag on the ground.
  • For women who are 5'11", maxi dresses should be floor-length or somewhat longer if preferred.
  • Maxi dresses for ladies who are 5'0" should hit slightly above the ankle.
  • Maxi dresses that fit a woman who is 5'8" should be floor length or somewhat longer if preferred.
  • Women who are 5'9" might look for maxi dresses that reach the floor without dragging.
  • Maxi dresses for 5'10" ladies should be long enough to reach the floor.    

By following these length recommendations, you can ensure that you have the correct style and are comfortable wearing it. With the ideal maxi dress length, you'll be ready to face every occasion in style.

Are Maxi Dresses in Style?

Maxi dresses will never be out of trend. The tradition of wearing maxi dresses is not new in Pakistan. Like other Pakistani desi outfits, the maxi dress is considered adaptable. The majority of this trend is influenced by Western culture. However, Indian culture influences our fashion choices. A few years ago, Pakistani brides wore their walima dresses as maxi dresses.

These dresses are currently highly popular. Whether it is a fashion show runway or a wedding occasion, they are ruling Pakistan's modern fashion scene. Now, in 2024, these outfits are suitable for any event. They are also regarded as a classic formal dress and an affordable floor-length dress for casual events. However, in Pakistan, girls wear them for a desirable evening look. 

Maxi dresses are currently immensely stylish, classic, and really comfy in Pakistan. Some females choose to wear a lehenga or sharara with a short-length maxi, while others prefer a floor-length maxi. Without a doubt, all styles look gorgeous.

Can You Wear a Maxi to a Wedding? 

Yes, you can choose a maxi dress to a wedding, but make sure it is suited for the occasion. South Asian weddings, which are frequently expensive and ceremonial celebrations, may demand unique clothing requirements or cultural concerns. To match the occasion, you should choose a maxi dress with rich colors and beautiful fabrics, such as silk or chiffon

Pay attention to details like embellishments, elaborate designs, and traditional needlework. It can provide a sense of luxury and cultural respect. Make sure the maxi dress is comfortable and easy to move in, especially if there will be dancing or other activities. Pair your dress with traditional jewelry or accessories that complement the outfit and the overall aesthetic of the wedding.  

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Wrapping Up!

We have discussed the maxi dress meaning and history for a better understanding of this garment. Plus, the length of maxi dresses. They are ideal for any formal event. Strings & Thread offers a fantastic collection of heavy, fancy to lightweight, airy dresses at a reasonable price. Feel stylish and comfy in elegant maxi dresses according to height. Glam it up with stunning jewlry. Style them with pumps or sandals for informal occasions, or dress them up with heels for a more formal look.