How to Wear a Saree Step by Step + Garment Worn with a Saree

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How to Wear a Saree

The traditional South Asian saree is a beautiful item of apparel that has been worn for generations and is popular now. It is a versatile garment that may be fashioned to suit a variety of occasions, body types, and personal preferences. In this blog, we will talk about how to drape a saree and what to wear underneath it. Whether you are a saree lover or a beginner, this guide is sure to enhance your saree style and give you the confidence to experiment with new styles.

What to Wear Under a Saree?

The undergarments are worn with a saree play a crucial role in ensuring comfort, modesty, and the overall appearance of the drape. Although the saree itself is a versatile garment that can be draped in various ways, the type of undergarments worn can influence the final look and feel. Here are some types of saree undergarments:

Petticoat or Underskirt

When talking about saree undergarments, one cannot overlook the simple petticoat or underskirt. While many of us don't pay much attention to the saree petticoat, this item of apparel may make or break your style. Choosing the perfect saree petticoat might be difficult because there are so many different varieties to choose from. To achieve the finest fit and silhouette, match the saree to the appropriate saree petticoat type. Believe it or not, a saree petticoat can serve as the foundation for your complete outfit. 

Types of Saree Petticoat

A Line Style

This is one of the most prevalent types of petticoats, and it is used with the majority of saris. Its popularity stems primarily from the styles with which it is designed. It often consists of four, six, or eight segments stitched together, with one straight side sewn somewhat horizontally. It features enough space for leg movement, making it a popular choice among all women.

Layered Petticoats

These petticoats are typically worn by ladies who do not want too many gathers or pleats around the waist. A tiered petticoat with a can-can inside creates a lovely flair at the bottom. This is why the waistband is tight, and the bottom is somewhat looser to allow for leg movement. These petticoats as held in place using straps, zips, or hooks.

Mermaid Style 

Possibly the most popular petticoat, it is worn with thin fabric sarees draped tightly. As the name implies, these sorts of saree petticoats give the wearer a mermaid-like form, in which the upper half is firmly fitting and then gets somewhat looser as it comes down until for sufficient leg movement. 

Shapewear of a Saree

A saree shapewear is one of the parts of a saree nowadays. It is specifically created to enhance your form under sarees and give you a mermaid-like appearance. Learning how to wear a saree can be challenging, but wearing saree shapewear is not. The skirt-like style makes it incredibly comfortable to wear, making you appear thinner and toned. Simply slip into it and experience the magic. This is the simplest way to look skinny in a saree.

Blouse of a Saree

Saree blouses are pieces of fabric sewn to cover the upper body. It is a little strip of fabric that extends to your midriff. With today's changing fashion trends, the aim of blouses is more than only to provide coverage like a typical bra does in sheer linen fabric.

A good saree blouse can transform the appearance of your saree, making you look elegant and attractive. The originality of saree blouse designs reflects a person's individual taste and personality. There are several blouse patterns to choose from, and you can wear them for a number of events.

Types of Blouses in Saree

Quarter Sleeve Sheer Blouse

Quarter-sleeved blouses have been popular since. If the sleeve is sheer, women will appreciate this style. This saree blouse is made from net fabric. You may easily wear it to nighttime events. Georgette and net sarees go well with a quarter-sleeve sheer blouse.

Mirrorwork Saree Blouse

This style of saree blouse is highly appealing and lovely. The front is adorned with mirrors, while the rear is tied with latkans. This whole thing makes it unique in its own way, and women adore the design. This sort of garment worn with a saree looks very lovely when worn to a night celebration. It pairs well with a georgette saree.

Modern Lace Saree Blouse

This trendy saree blouse attracts attention, and nearly every woman owns one. The sheer sleeve with a flowery pattern is sure to catch anyone's eye. It is most commonly worn at nightclubs. It pairs well with Georgette and net sarees. Women with broad shoulders might appear very attractive in it.

Off-Shoulder Saree Blouse

An off-shoulder saree blouse is popular in modern times, and it can add an exquisite and fashionable touch to Indian cultural dress. This blouse's design is stunning and nicely reflects modern trends. The embroidered and transparent net saree looks great with an off-the-shoulder blouse. 

Back Embroidery Saree Blouse

Previously, only brides wore back embroidered saree blouses, but now everyone wears them, and they are popular among all. In recent years, this sort of blouse has grown in popularity, and you can see females wearing it at any festive gathering or wedding ceremony. When paired with a silk saree, this sort of blouse becomes much more appealing. The bride can wear it throughout numerous wedding ceremonies.

After choosing the right blouse and petticoat or shapewear for your saree look, Let’s move on to the next part of the blog. This procedure requires detail and thorough understanding. Plus, it needs continuous practice. Read each step carefully and practice it 3-4 times for a perfect draping of saree. 

How To Tie a Saree-Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Tie the inner petticoat and secure the waist

  • Wear a petticoat that is comfortable and ties around your waist. Adjust the height to your liking. If you don't want to wear a petticoat under your saree, you can use a saree shaper instead.

Step 2: Wrapping in the plain end of the saree

  • Begin by tucking the plain end of the flowing saree into the petticoat in the center front.
  • Make sure the saree tuck is level with the floor, and the border faces inward.

Step 3: Create the pleats and secure them at the waist

  • Make pleats about 5-7 inches wide throughout the remaining length of the saree, facing left.
  • Hold the pleats together and place them into the petticoat just to the left of the navel.
  • Adjust the parts of a saree pleats evenly and neatly.

Step 4: Drape the pleats around the front

  • Bring the saree pleat from the left to the front, around your waist, and towards the right side.
  • With tight saree draping, ensure that the pleats are equally distributed and that the front appears smooth. 

Step 5: Bringing the saree pallu's ornamental end over the shoulder

  • Take the leftover cloth, known as the pallu, and bring it over your left shoulder from behind for saree shoulder pleats.
  • Allow the saree pallu hangings to flow freely over your left arm, ensuring that they are long enough to create an exquisite drape.

Saree pallu can be worn on either the left or right shoulder:

The saree pallu is typically draped over the left shoulder, which is considered an auspicious and popular saree draping style. However, hanging the pallu over the right shoulder is another alternative, which can be based on personal desire, regional customs, or a full-coverage saree style. Deciding the side of the saree pallu is totally up to you.

Saree pallu on the head as traditional and modern styles:

In traditional and ceremonial events, the saree with pallu on the head can be wrapped like a veil to represent modesty and reverence. Modern saree brands and designers also include draping the pallu over the head to create a distinct and unusual look in a saree. Also, there are varieties of a blouse and petticoat available to choose from. 

Step 6: Adjust the pallu length and pleats

  • Make sure the saree pallu style is the suitable length and hangs nicely over your shoulder.
  • Adjust the pallu's pleats as desired, ensuring they are even and well-defined.

Step 7: Secure the pallu with pins

  • Use safety pins (or any other sort of saree pin) to attach the pallu and pin the saree to your blouse on the left shoulder, ensuring it stays in place.
  • Conceal the pins properly so that they are not visible.

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Wrap Up!

Following these saree draping procedures will allow you to drape a saree with elegance and grace. Remember to practice and explore until you find the draping easier. Plus, we have discussed saree undergarments. With this advice and tips on hand, you can slay in every event with a perfect draped saree attire.