How to Wear Dupatta With Salwar Kameez

Posted By: ayesha-iqbal
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dupatta with salwar kameez

The timeless elegance of the Salwar Kameez is undeniable, and one accessory that can take this traditional ensemble to new heights is the Dupatta. So, basically, the Dupatta is a long scarf or shawl that lends a hint of femininity while providing limitless opportunities for styling.

Draping of the Dupatta is an important factor that determines your appearance regardless of whether you are attending a formal party or a casual get-together. You can also order a Pakistani Dupatta online with any outfit. Here, it’s time to explore various ways to wear the Dupatta with a Salwar Kameez, allowing you to showcase your unique style confidently.

1. Classic Drape

The classic drape, a classical style of wear Dupatta with suits, can be referred to as one of the simplest and most traditional ways of tying the Dupatta. First off, let the middle of the Dupatta find its place on your chest, then allow it to flow symmetrically on both sides. To further enhance it, you can use a decorative pin to keep the Dupatta in place or alternatively let it flow freely for a more laid-back feel. Such style is suitable only for special occasions; one may include an elegant embroidered Dupatta herein.

2. Single Shoulder Drape

Opt for the single-shoulder drape as a modern variation. Begin Dupatta style with Salwar Kameez by covering the upper part of your chest with this part and letting it droop prettily. It is a fashionable and convenient design that frees up one hand when moving around. This goes well with semi-formals and gives style to the Salwar Kameez combination.

3. Crossed Dupatta Drape

To wear a Dupatta, you also need to cross-drape your scarf for a special effect. First, take one end of a Dupatta and cross it over your chest so that its other end is fastened at the opposite hip. This style develops an uneven look, which makes Salwar Kameez more interesting. Explore contrasting colors and textures for a dramatic fashion statement.

4. Pinned at the Waist

You may want to fix the Dupatta draping styles for Salwar Kameez at the waist for a sharper look. Fold the Dupatta down its length and throw it on one of your shoulders, fastening its opposite side on the waist with an elegant brooch. It brings out a waist belt and is good for casual or formal settings.

5. Lehenga Style Drape

Go for a royal and ethnic feel with the lehenga-style drape. Gather the Dupatta, making pleats at the bottom, and wear it around your body such that it falls elegantly in the front, one side. This is just like a lehenga Choli with some opulence in your Salwar kameez. The lehenga-style drape is perfect for a wedding or a festive occasion, as it is never out of fashion. You can also buy the Dupatta from the best Pakistani designers to make your personality more elegant. 

6. Huge Pleats With a Waist Belt

A waist belt is truly a remarkable accessory. Also, many women love the kamar chabi too. To wear Dupatta with suits, fold your Dupatta along broad pleats with the zari at length, showing from the edge, and then belting it upwards. You shouldn’t go for too many hasty designs lumped together that may look weighty and in excess. It will be better to opt for color contrast. You can also adopt this style with lehengas and Anarkalis; ensure that your Dupatta zari is placed outward of the shoulder. 

7. Cape Style Dupatta

A modern-looking Dupatta style with Salwar Kameez would be the cape style. Wear your Dupatta as if it were a cape hanging on your shoulders. This style is ideal and dramatic for an evening event or party, thus complimenting your Salwar Kameez look. A striking look can be achieved through experimentation with different bright or dark colors.

8. Use Two Dupattas At Once

It is unbelievable that applying these draperies can achieve good results, such as using two different drapes, a heavy drape and a simple one, respectively. Due to this, some dhoti Salwar suits may require they be voluminous or made with Dupattas. Hold the other shimmering or lighter-colored Dupatta at your waist, spreading the heavily embroidered one across your chest. An interesting way to get a completely covered look; you would undoubtedly want to try it at least once.

9. One Side Cowl

Sometimes, we would prefer to dress up in a more contemporary and Eastern appearance when attending certain events. You can choose to just do one thing differently with your clothes as opposed to using traditional Dupatta draping styles for Salwar Kameez, which will make all the difference. Keep one side loose like the left hand, and pin the Dupatta on both shoulders.

10. Full Wrapped

You will appear as a full princess with a magnificent Duppatta over your body, including on your head, with blooming words in the hair. It is impossible to forget those childhood days when we used to play princess, trying to combine our usual home clothes with our mother's most preferred scarf. Make sure to go really for one last time, and use great big earrings as accessories. Their suits complement their outfit.

11. Front Pallu Style

A Dupatta with Salwar Kameez, try out the front pallu style for an updated twist here. For the first time, try bringing down Dupatta in front, falling on one of your arms instead of just draping it over your shoulders. Such style enables you to display Dupatta's complex pattern as it goes along well with any events at which you intend to have an impact.

Considering All This

Mastering the art of wearing the Dupatta with a Salwar Kameez opens up a world of style possibilities. Whether you prefer the classic drape for a traditional touch or the cape style for a modern flair, the Dupatta allows you to express your individuality and enhance your overall look. 

Experiment with different draping styles, colors, and cotton lawn fabric to create a personalized statement reflecting your unique style. With these versatile options, you'll undoubtedly turn heads on every occasion, showcasing the timeless beauty of the Salwar Kameez ensemble.