Polki vs Kundan - What's the Difference and Which Is Good?

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Polki vs Kundan Jewelry

As shopping lovers, women love to wear jewelry on any occasion. You often hear Polki and Kundan, but do you know the difference between them? Most people search what is Kundan jewelry on Google, so here is the answer to all your queries. Polki and Kundan are two popular types of traditional jewelry worn for centuries. Kundan and Polki styles have a rich history and are recognized for their complex designs and precious stones. Polki and Kundan have unique differences that make them their style.

You will learn more about the difference between Polki and Kundan jewelry, its origins, and its cultural significance. Whether you love jewelry or are just intrigued by these exquisite pieces, from this jewelry buying guide, you’ll get what you are looking for.

What is Kundan Jewelry?

The most elegant 24k gold is used to make the Kundan jewelry. Expensive or semi-precious stones are used in Kundan jewelry. Making Kundan jewelry involves creating a hollow frame of gold or silver filled with lac.

The gemstones are then set into the lac using a unique chisel tool. Making Kundan jewelry is intricate and time-consuming, requiring much skill and expertise. Kundan jewelry is known for its intricate designs, vibrant colors, and exquisite craftsmanship, and it is the bride’s favorite choice for special occasions worldwide.

What is Polki Jewelry?

Polki jewellery is a type of traditional jewelry that is made using uncut diamonds set in gold. The diamonds used in Polki jewellry are natural, unrefined diamonds mined from the earth. These diamonds are cut and polished minimally to retain their natural shape and character.

The gold used in polki jewels is usually 22k or 24k gold, and the settings are often intricately designed with delicate filigree work. Polki jewelry is highly valued for its unique and rustic look, and brides and other women usually wear it on special occasions. Polki jewels is known for its intricate designs and craftsmanship, and it is a popular choice for those who appreciate conventional jewelry.

What is Jadau Jewelry?

Jadau is not jewelry or stone but a traditional technique used to create Kundan and Polki jewelry. The process involves embedding stones into 24-carat gold using intricate tasks. The sort of stones used determines the final product, with Kundan using glass stones and Polki using uncut diamonds. While both types of jewelry use the Jadau technique, the result differs. With the above information, you will know correctly what is Jadau jewelry.

Difference Between Polki and Kundan

Kundan and Polki look similar, but they have some differences. You must understand the many sorts of bridal jewelry before investing in it.

Polki vs Kundan

1. Polki vs Kundan - Material

The most significant difference between Polki and Kundan is the material used. While Polki uses uncut diamonds, Kundan uses glass stones.

2. Polki vs Kundan - Cost

Polki is more expensive than Kundan because of the use of diamonds and gold. Kundan, on the other hand, is more affordable due to the use of glass. People have misconceptions about Kundan and Polki that they can’t afford, but they’re easily affordable because some brands offer a discount on them also.

3. Polki vs Kundan - Occasion

Polki jewelry is usually worn on more formal occasions like weddings or other special events, while Kundan jewelry can be worn on formal and casual occasions.

4. Polki vs Kundan - Sparkle

Polki diamonds are uncut and have a more natural sparkle, while Kundan glass is cut and polished to have a more uniform and consistent flash.

5. Polki vs Kundan - Design

Polki jewelry is often more rustic and antique-looking, while Kundan jewelry is more intricate and detailed in design.

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We hope this little guide will assist you in knowing what is Polki jewelry and what is Kundan. Kundan and Polki jewelry appear to be every bride's top wedding selection. If you look at Pakistani jewelry online usa you will have an idea of what actual jewelry pieces are because there are so many unique designs available from Pakistani brands. If you try it for once, you want to wear it repeatedly indubitably.

So, choose the ideal jewelry to wear on your special occasions. Additionally, be careful not to refrain from purchasing anything that may cause you to second-guess your choice. Check several times before making any bridal jewelry purchases.

Happy Jewelry Shopping!