Top 20 Popular Pakistani Clothing Brands in USA

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20 Popular Clothing Brands in Pakistan

When it comes to fashion, Top Pakistani brands are powerful and impressive. From the intricate details and classical cuts to the vibrant colors, our clothing truly speaks volumes. In recent years, Pakistani fashion has made waves on the global stage.

Celebrities often set the trends regarding fashion; Bollywood actresses Alia Bhatt and Sara Ali Khan did just that. Alia was spotted rocking Pakistani designer Faraz Manan's clothing, which was a hit with her fans.

Meanwhile, Sara Ali Khan stole the show at the IFFA Awards in Abu Dhabi when she donned a gorgeous outfit by the famous Pakistani fashion designer Faraz Mannan. The outfit was a massive hit among Pakistanis, and Sara looked breathtaking on the green carpet.

Being curious about Pakistani brands, we have come up with the top 20 Pakistani clothing brands in USA. Get ready because we have countless options. Let’s start and see which brands fit nicely into your requirements.

Top 20 Pakistani Clothing Brands in USA 2024

1.Maria B

Regarding Pakistan's top clothing brands, Maria B is a name that must be number one on the list. The brand was founded by Maria Butt in 1999 and has since gained immense popularity. Maria B's bridal collection is an actual work of art with contemporary designs.

Maria B's dedication to quality and attention to detail are evident in every piece, making it a go-to brand for anyone who wants to stand out and make a statement with their fashion choices.

2. HSY

HSY, also known as Hassan Sherhyar Yaseen, is a world-popular fashion designer and the ultimate expert in bridal couture. He has become a household name, blending modern-day trends with traditional culture to create some of the most intricate and vibrant bridal designs.

HSY's bridal label is the biggest in South Asia, setting the standard for the bridal couture industry. Therefore, the fashion maestro has made his mark in the fashion world, and his work continues inspiring fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

3. Deepak Parwani

Deepak Perwani is a celebrated fashion designer of the century, known for his unparalleled talent in creating elegant bridal wear with an exquisite color palette that will leave you breathless. His bridal collection boasts an array of stunning hues, ranging from dusky tones to peachy pastels, ensuring that every bride can find her perfect match.

Deepak Perwani's designs will make any bride feel the hub of attention on her big day, standing out as a true vision of beauty and grace. His work is a testament to his artistic vision and unwavering commitment to excellence, making him a leading name in the fashion industry.

4. Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa's bridal collection is immense, owing to the brand's variety of designs that seamlessly blend Eastern and Western styles. The options are endless, from off-shoulder tops and crop top cholis to fishtail gowns and A-line farshi lehengas. Hence, the collection also features vintage-inspired ghararas, modern cut shararas, full sleeves shirts, and sleeveless dresses.

This diversity of styles serves the ever-evolving fashion tastes of modern brides, ensuring that every woman can find the ideal dress for her special day. Asim Jofa's bridal collection is a true testament to the brand's commitment to fashion innovation and excellence, making it a go-to choice for fashion-forward brides across the globe.

5. Nomi Ansari

Nomie Ansari is the best clothing brand in Pakistan and is famous for crafting lavish garments using luxurious fabrics embellished with opulent details.

Nomi Ansari is the ultimate choice for many A-listers and fashion icons. The designer's exceptional work is highly sought-after worldwide. His collections are stocked in multi-label boutiques in Pakistan and several other countries, including Singapore, UAE, Canada, the UK, and the USA.

6. Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch shines bright with its diverse range of stylish yet comfortable clothes among Pakistani clothing brands. This Pakistani top brand caters to all fashion preferences, from classic shalwar kameez to contemporary pieces. Moreover, Cross Stitch has the best prices, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious Pakistani clothes shoppers.

7. Warda

Warda is a top-tier clothing brand that grants a diverse and distinct collection. The brand's unique selling proposition is its affordability and emphasis on enhancing Asian beauty. Similarly, the brand's range of colors includes shades of red, maroon, orange, purple, pink, yellow, blue, and black. But, the intricate detailing on the borders, sleeves, and necklines further elevates the overall look of the attire.

8. Zellbury

Zellburry is a well-known Pakistani brand for its remarkable designs and vibrant colors. The embroidery work is noteworthy and can be customized to meet customers' needs. The brand offers a diverse range of designs and has a vivid collection of dupattas. Additionally, it also has a range of summer and winter collections and a pret variety for the younger generation. Choose Zellbury if you want to shop for something affordable yet classy.

9. Beechtree

Beechtree has become a favorite among Pakistani fashion lovers with its diverse array of styles and colors. Moreover, their clothing stores are plentiful, and their customers keep growing. Beechtree delivers trendy designs with a hint of Western influence that appeals to the younger generation. It's a must-have in every fashion-forward wardrobe.

10. Ethnic

Ethnic is the best clothing brand in Pakistan, and it blends Western and Eastern styles to provide the best of both worlds. This brand offers reasonable starting prices of just 120$ plus duty. It is an ideal choice if you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

11. Khaadi

Khaadi has become one of Pakistan's most successful and affordable fashion and lifestyle brands. With multiple collections, including unstitched and formal wear, Khaadi proposes various options. However, with a starting price of just PKR 2000, it's no wonder Khaadi is a popular choice.

12. Limelight

Established in 2010, Limelight has quickly risen to fame and is now a well-recognized brand in Pakistan. Alongside their clothing range, they offer other products, including bags, clutches, wallets, wraps, bottoms, sleepwear, jewelry, and accessories. In addition, Limelight provides affordable prices for all ages. It makes Limelight the perfect one-stop shop for all your fashion needs.

13. Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi is a best-selling clothing brand that embodies elegance, style, and comfort in its designs. Its clothes are tailored with a woman's curves in mind, and the brand aims to make every woman feel confident and beautiful in her skin. However, the brand has become a household name in Pakistan, with an extensive clothing collection for women, men, and children. From trendy streetwear to formal ensembles, Bonanza Satrangi has it all.

14. Sapphire

Sapphire is a fashion powerhouse that has captured the hearts of many Pakistani fashion enthusiasts with its chic designs. From casual wear to formal attire, Sapphire has something for everyone. Moreover, their pret collection is a hit among fashion-forward young women who want to make a statement with their clothing.

15. Farah Talib Aziz

Farah Talib Aziz is a renowned Pakistani designer known for her feminine and elegant designs. This season, her lawn collections have been the talk of the town, featuring beautiful chikankari outfits. Moreover, her bold-colored solids were everywhere on Eid, making a statement and adding a touch of sophistication to any wardrobe.

16. Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan is a renowned Pakistani designer who has earned a name for herself in the fashion industry. This brand’s wedding formal collection is also a huge success, featuring beautifully embellished pishwas, sharara, and lehengas. During the launch, Saira Yousaf was seen wearing these stunning ensembles, and it was all the hype. Zara Shahjahan is a designer that should be on your shopping list.

17. Agha Noor

Agha Noor is about making a statement with bright colors and unique designs. Their bold use of vertical lines might only be for some, but it's eye-catching. The brand has some great options for those who prefer darker tones that still incorporate distinctive long lines. One of their standout pieces is a vibrant red ready-to-wear collection that will turn heads.

18. Saira Shakira

Saira Shakira is a famous Pakistani clothing brand known for their unusual cuts and subtle embellishments. However, their luxury launches and wedding collection are in high demand, with pastel colors and cutwork making their designs stand out. Choose USA Pakistani clothes if you want to enjoy your festivals with elegance.

19. Faiza Saqlain

Faiza Saqlain has earned a well-deserved reputation as the reigning queen of Pishwas, a traditional and elegant dress that channels femininity like no other. With her exceptional skill and attention to detail, she creates stunning pret-a-porter designs that are intricate and practical. Faiza Saqlain's latest formal campaigns have proven immensely popular. Numerous celebrities and influencers have shared them widely on social media.

20. Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan is a designer who has redefined the art of fashion design in Pakistan. His innovative and experimental approach toward fashion has made him stand out in the industry. Known for his unconventional and dramatic creations, he has introduced a new range of formal dresses in Pakistan. Ali Xeeshan's shows and campaigns are always theatric and charismatic, making him the most unconventional and daring designer in the Asian fashion industry.

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Final Words

Pakistan's fashion industry has come a long way and is now one of the most flourishing industries in the country. Pakistan's top 20 clothing brands in USA have played a vital role in making this happen, bringing innovation, creativity, and diversity to the fashion world. These brands have created a space for themselves in the local and international markets, providing the latest fashion trends to all age groups and genders.

In addition, from luxury to affordable, from traditional to modern, each brand has its unique identity, reflecting the culture and heritage of Pakistan. With their commitment to quality, design, and affordability, these best clothing brands in Pakistan have won the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts worldwide. The fashion industry of Pakistan has a bright future, and with these brands leading the way, we can expect to see more exciting and groundbreaking designs in the years to come.